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Faith & Life 2023-2024 Season

More than two decades ago, we began dreaming about a community-wide series where speakers could reflect publicly on the life of faith. This fall, we begin our 21st season of this series—and our line-up is as strong and diverse as ever.

This year, we’ll be hearing from: Mark Birch, Precentor and Minor Canon at Westminster Abbey; Tori Hope Petersen, a leading advocate in foster care; Margaret Feinberg, a popular blogger, teacher and foodie; Allen Hilton, a professor, pastor and expert in reconciliation practices; and Kevin O’Connell, head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Faith & Life Series offers a critically important forum for open and welcoming conversations about what really matters in our lives and in the world. We trust that, though this series, we are doing God’s work in our community by allowing individuals to encounter or become more committed to the God we worship in Jesus. We hope that you will join us for another wonderful year of “public conversations where faith comes to life.”


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“The Bible does not say you are God’s appliance; it says you are his masterpiece. Appliances get mass-produced.”

John Ortberg