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Mattering: The Importance of Being Valued and Valuing Others


Wednesday, May 22nd from 7:00pm – 8:00pm

In a time when loneliness and mental health crises are on the rise, it’s easy to feel helpless in the quest for deep, meaningful lives. Join us as we explore the concept of mattering, the belief that one’s life is worthy, valuable, and significant in the world. With a trauma-focused lens and an integration of spirituality, we will examine why mattering matters, and the impact it can create within our own selves, others, and our communities.  Presenter: Kasey Erickson (LAMFT) is a mental health therapist, teacher, and professor at Bethel University. With specialties in trauma, interpersonal wholeness, and intentional living, Kasey is passionate about helping people integrate mental health and spirituality. Contact Susan Path, Parish Nurse, with any questions. Register at

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“In the echoes of our restlessness we hear God’s voice.”

James Martin, S.J.