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St. John’s Retreat for Adults


July 28thJuly 31st, 2022

Title: Holy and Hilarious: A Study of the Old Testament’s Funniest Stories Most people consider the Bible to be a very serious book. It’s easy to overlook the fact that the Bible is also funny–even hilariously funny. Over the course of this retreat, we will be studying the Bible’s funniest stories, including Jonah, Esther, and Daniel. You are sure to leave this weekend with a different view on these ancient and well-known stories. And even though our topic is lighthearted, you will find that the authors of the Old Testament used a variety of humorous literary devices to address some of the most serious and persistent theological questions faced by people of faith. 

Thursday evening, July 28 – noon, July 31
Cost $195 per person. – A spiritual retreat for men and women, couples and singles. Located 75 minutes northwest of Plymouth in Collegeville, Minn., the St. John’s Abbey and University campus create beautiful settings for relaxing as we make spiritual growth a priority for a few days.

Accommodations include air conditioned rooms. All the meals included. With a guest speaker for each morning session and afternoons set aside for free time to play or rest, this retreat is over far too quickly. Many attendees return year after year, and new participants are always welcome. Space is limited to 24, so secure your spot early. Register at or via email to

Contact Pastor Valerie to learn more.  

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