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The Conversation


Tuesday, May 14th from 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Tuesday , May 14, 1pm- The Conversation: Special Guest Presentation: “Bridging Generations: The Power of Strength-Based Connections” with Merri Guggisberg, MKG Parent Coach

Join us for an inspiring session with Merri Guggisberg, founder and owner of MKG Parent Coach, as we explore “Bridging Generations: The Power of Strength-Based Connections.” This presentation dives into the profound impact of cultivating strength-based relationships, not only between grandparents and their family members but within all our interactions—fostering deeper, more meaningful connections with everyone in our lives.

Merri will guide us through recognizing and nurturing the inherent strengths in ourselves and others. Whether you’re looking to enrich family dynamics, deepen friendships, or enhance connections within your faith community, this session offers practical strategies and heartfelt insights to empower every attendee.

Discover how to build a supportive environment that champions positive growth, resilience, and a legacy of strengths, ultimately strengthening the ties that bind us together across generations and relationships. This special presentation is designed to inspire and equip individuals of all walks of life to forge lasting bonds through the power of recognition, understanding, and celebration of each other’s unique gifts.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your relationships and create a legacy of love and strength within your community and beyond.

Contact Susan Path, Parish Nurse, with any questions.


“The Bible does not say you are God’s appliance; it says you are his masterpiece. Appliances get mass-produced.”

John Ortberg