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Restore 2023 Series: Kick Off


Tuesday, April 25th from 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Tuesday, April 25, 7p.m.

Restore 2023
Life This Side of the Pandemic: What We Have Learned, Presenter, Dr. Carla Dahl.

Dr. Carla Dahl will help us unpack changes, losses, traumas and grief we have experienced as a result of the pandemic and how we can move forward to healing, wellbeing and resilience. We will offer tools and resources for growth and healing.

Dr. Dahl is professor emerita of congregational and community care leadership at Luther Seminary.

The Restore series offers tools and resources for mental health, growth, resilience and healing for you and those around you.

You are invited to add your losses, griefs, traumas to the white board in the fellowship hall along tools that have encouraged your healing.

Please register at to receive notices related to the presentation, handouts and resources. The program will be live-streamed. For questions contact Susan Path, Parish Nurse at


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Robert Louis Stevenson