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Making God’s Love More Visible

2,000 years ago, the Apostle Paul wrote to the people of Ephesus, praying that the “eyes of their hearts” might be enlightened. Since he wrote these words, Christians have attempted to respond to Paul’s encouragement—trying to see God’s love more clearly for themselves so they can make this love more visible to others. At St. Philip the Deacon, we’re part of this ongoing movement—a movement to make God’s love clear in a world where it is often distorted, blurry and out of focus. We do this by tending to our mission—to Reach Out, Proclaim, Inspire—and by paying attention to our core values—especially our callings to be Faithful, Generous and Hospitable. One of the Important Ways we live out our mission and values at St. Philip the Deacon is through our regular three-year Capital Appeals.

Impact of Past Appeals

Since 1990, St. Philip the Deacon’s three-year appeals have ensured that the  world benefits in real and tangible ways from the generosity of this congregation. Through these appeals, we’ve provided food, clothing and support to the poor in our own community, we’ve built clinics, churches, schools and dormitories in Africa and India, we’ve brought clean water to families in Malawi, and we’ve helped give people in Colombia the opportunity to work their way out of poverty so they can better support their own families and neighborhoods.

The appeals have also allowed us to regularly expand and enhance our facilities to be better able to serve our community and its needs—ensuring that we have a welcoming and hospitable church home with the infrastructure to effectively support our ministries and programs.

Plans For This Appeal

Through this appeal, we’ll be able to manage our mortgage, make important improvements to our physical plant, and continue the work we’ve begun in Haiti over the last few years—making more long-term investments that will create ongoing support for the people there.

Our physical plant improvements will focus on our Middle Level, where we will create a new and much-needed mid-sized gathering space and make significant improvements to our youth area. We will also build a patio in our back yard, and a balcony and stairs off of our Fellowship Hall which will connect all of these new gathering areas together. Like churches from the earliest days of Christianity, we will also add a place for burials, building a Columbarium wall in our prayer garden, just off of our Chapel and Sanctuary.


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Please Join Us

Through the work of this appeal, we’re invited to join a long line of faithful Christians who, through their lives and their witness have helped to spread God’s love to a world in need. Today, as we follow their example and extend God’s work into the future, we are encouraged not only to see God more clearly with the eyes of our hearts—we are also  called and challenged to make God’s love more visible to the world around us. And to  do that, WE NEED YOUR HELP.

For the past 60 years, the members of St. Philip the Deacon have made a real difference  in the world. As we look ahead to the future—God’s future, filled with hope and promise—please join us as we work to make God’s vision even more clear.

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A Shift in the Timing

Moving to a calendar year start.

Lining up three kinds of giving

At St. Philip the Deacon, we believe that God has important plans for our future. And, to help us see and imagine God’s future more clearly, this year we are making a change in the timing of our appeals—moving them to a calendar year start. This change meets people where they are in terms of budgeting on a calendar-year basis, and also allows us to more easily line up our three kinds of giving at St. Philip the Deacon—Annual, Capital and Legacy.

As a result, we believe this shift will bring more clarity to how we accomplish God’s work. This is why the pledge card for this three-year appeal also includes an opportunity to make a commitment to the 2018 Annual Appeal, as well as an invitation to learn more about leaving a legacy to St. Philip the Deacon through your estate plan.

From our Co-Chairs

It is exciting to see how many ways participating in this Capital Appeal will impact our church, our community, and the world. 

We believe that the investment towards the improved gathering space for our youth is really a way of investing in our church’s future. It is critical to continue to evolve our space to meet the growing demands of this demographic of our church and make it an inviting place where our young people want to spend time, where they feel a part of a welcoming community, and where they can build the foundations of their faith. The additional gathering space in the Middle Level and our backyard also will help us build a stronger sense of community among all generations.

Just as importantly, we are thrilled that this appeal continues St. Philip the Deacon’s longstanding commitment to ministries that benefit others — in this case, our brothers and sisters in Haiti. This emphasis on looking beyond the four walls of our church is a core part of who we are as Christians, and this appeal is one critically important way we live out that focus.

As Co-Chairs of this appeal, we are all delighted to be part of this effort, and invite everyone from St. Philip the Deacon to support it generously and enthusiastically.

God Bless,

Brandon and Lana Jones, Bob and Beth Schnell, John and Trudy Wilgers, Paul and Michelle Koch

Making Sense of Annual and Capital Appeals

How Do I Divide My Giving?

A suggestion for how to think about Annual and Capital commitments

One of the questions we routinely get is “How should I divide my giving between Annual giving and Capital Appeal giving?” Obviously only you can answer this, but a good rule of  thumb is that 60–80% of your giving should go toward Annual Appeal support, and 20–40% of your giving  should go toward Capital Appeal support.

3 Kinds of Giving at SPD

Annual, Capital and Legacy.

Supporting the Mission and Ministry of St. Philip the Deacon

At St. Philip the Deacon, members support the ministry of the congregation financially in three distinct ways:

Through our PROMISE APPEALS (ANNUAL): This giving supports the daily mission and ministries of the congregation.

Through our CAPITAL APPEALS (EVERY 3 YEARS): This giving allows us to faithfully manage our mortgage, make periodic physical plant improvements and expansions, and provides support for major mission projects.

Through LEGACY or ESTATE GIFTS (GIFTS IN PERPETUITY): This giving allows individuals to support the mission and ministry of the congregation in an ongoing way through their estate plans.


“Silence is evil’s closest ally.”

Gary Amirault