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Summer Renovation, June–August 2019

New Fireplace Lounge

St. Philip the Deacon’s “’Middle Level”—the area underneath Fellowship Hall—is dark, poorly laid out, and broken up by two large and redundant hallways. Our renovation project this summer will transform this entire level of the church into more usable, brighter and more efficient space. An update to the main office entrance and administrative area will also create a more welcoming and inviting space for our guests throughout the week.

Thank you to everyone who has already helped to make this project possible through the Vision 20/20 Capital Appeal. If you are not yet participating in this appeal, please consider making a recurring or one-time gift to support this project at

New Youth Room

Mid-Level Improvements
• New Fireside Room
• New Youth Room
• Expanded Bathroom Facilities

Church Office Entrance
• New Entrance Vestibule
• More Welcoming Admin Space
• New Reception Area for Guests

New Office Area

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