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Faith & Life 20th Season Announced

More than two decades ago, we began dreaming about a community-wide series where speakers could reflect publicly on the life of faith. This fall, we are delighted to be kicking off the 20th anniversary season of this series—and I am delighted to share that our line-up is as strong and diverse as ever.

This year, we’ll be hearing from: Arthur Brooks, a Harvard professor and internationally renowned speaker; Michael Chan, a theologian who will discuss humor in the Bible; Dave Robison, a missionary who uses YouTube to reach a worldwide audience; Cole Arthur Riley, a New York Times best-selling author; and Michael Curry, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church.

From the very start of this series, our commitment has been to make these events free and open to the public. Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, we have been able to make good on that promise for two decades. As we kick off our 20th anniversary season, I write to invite you to partner with us once again to help to make this year’s season possible.

These last few years of disruption and difficulty—in so many ways—have made me more convinced than ever that the Faith & Life Series offers a critically important forum for open and welcoming conversations about what really matters in our lives and in the world. I also trust that, though this series, we are doing God’s work in our community by allowing individuals to encounter or become more committed to the God we worship in Jesus.

I hope you will help support this important work, and, with you, look forward to another wonderful year of “Public conversations where faith comes to life.”


Pastor Tim Westermeyer


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“As no darkness can be seen by anyone surrounded by light, so no trivialities can capture the attention of anyone who has his eyes on Christ.”

Gregory of Nyssa