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Restore Series 3


Tuesday, February 2nd from 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Join us  for three consecutive Tuesdays-January 26, February 2 and 9 at 7pm-r for Restore 3 : Healing, Growth and Benefits Through Exploring Your Story.

January 26, 7pm: A Night with Kevin Kling and his Stories. Presenter: Kevin Kling, beloved American storyteller and NPR commentator. Kevin embodies how telling our own stories can bring peace, perspective and healing. His presentation will be live-streamed; viewers will be able to submit questions to Kevin in advance or during the broadcast.

February 2, 7pm: Growth, Benefits and Healing from Writing Your Story. Presenter: Dr. Kristin Bransford. Many of us have experienced moments in our lives that are challenging to cope with. These can be both small and big moments. We will discuss how Pennebaker’s research-based expressive writing process can help us explore our thoughts and emotions to help us grow and heal from these challenging moments. This writing process focuses on clarifying an individual’s negative aspect of a challenging time by helping to explain the confusing time with sense of meaning. Pennebaker’s research has shown that writing about difficult times in our lives can improve physical and mental health. You will leave knowing Pennebaker’s process and tools for expressive writing.

Also February 2: Exploring Your Story through the Practice of Lament. Presenter: Susan Path, RN, Parish Nurse. Lament is not despairing, guilting, whining or self-pity, but expressing sorrow, loss, grief  or regret. We will look at bringing pain into God’s presence and connecting our larger story with God and finding grace.

February 9, 7pm:  Benefit Finding Positive Psychology Exercise. Presenter: Dr. Kristin Bransford. We will delve into the positive psychology intervention of Benefit Finding that involves thinking about the possible positive aspects or meaning that may have occurred from some of the stressors in our lives. This meaning-making intervention, writing about the positive events that have come out of a negative event, can also be an important way to cope with negative life events (Folkman & Moskowitz, 2000). When we discover the possible benefits in these situations, we find that it is easier to cope and we may even be able to find unexpected growth or opportunities from some of these stressors.  

Also February 9: Making Paper Cranes to Display Our Stories. Paper cranes are the most popular  form of origami, they symbolize strength, longevity and good fortune. When you fold them, it is believed you will receive your heart’s desire and  it has become a symbol of hope and healing. Presenter: Susan Path, RN, SPD Parish Nurse. 

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